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Art today suck

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-11-17


Today, I want to make a new format to better animate the group, well no, rather help me to ask questions that I sometimes have in mind, and today, I ask myself a lot of question about what has become of art, (with my little comment in passing, "small" I said?) Ahhh, Art, Classic to modern to more beautiful than oneself to the ugliest provocateur or disturb, I recently look at Body art & Art action, to see even the most stupid of all in my opinion, the artistic performance in all kind, so already, we must not say that it's stupid, but just that we do not like, because it is that my teacher of drawing taught me, but if I do not like it, it is precisely the fact that I do not see that it brings in the reality of our current society, me, I see it as a way to be noticed and then be published on the internet in the last What The Cut, because seriously, I do not see in what to paint with his ass is artistic, even to dance on tons of butter in the mouth, and yes, it exists although I tell you, here is summarizing, modern art, and nothing else, we ask why creativity is rarely there nowadays, yet I love art, without it, I would never express on the internet, art is the thing where we can still criticize & say who does not fit in our society of any time, it tells the story & I cultivate so much, but the worst is always necessary narcissists bobo student in art that spoils the vision of things, because of that, people now have a bad vision of what is art, well, in short, I'm not going to start in a useless debate, because it's lost 'advance in a world where no one reads that I write & look as quickly as I drew without making a fuss asking' why? ' Anyway, if for once you have been careful that I write, then talk to me, because I'm a little lost lately, but I would always say: Have a good day or evening or wherever you are, AV59 ^^


  • Anonymous 17 Nov 2017

    Art is sadly going in a bad direction, it's all in opinion of what art is too every individual, but you're right, sadly I've seen art that people have put so much time and effort into and get no recognition for it. This artwork is a good depiction of today art.

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 17 Nov 2017

    thank you so much ^^

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