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mount snow

Type: painting Uploaded: 2017-11-01




  • Nate77 1 Nov 2017

    Everything about this is Brilliant, but those mountains look Amazing, very nice work!

    Joe La Bianca 1 Nov 2017

    thx so much....

  • LadyoftheApocalypse 3 Nov 2017

    I really love the colors that you used in this one!

    Joe La Bianca 4 Nov 2017

    thx thx so much...

  • Mutantenfisch 1 Nov 2017

    What i would also like to point out is your painting style in means of how you use the brush. It looks really nice and structured and I love the textures you're creating.

    Joe La Bianca 1 Nov 2017

    thank you...

  • Anonymous 1 Nov 2017

    Gives me some good ol' Bob Ross vibes. I love the colours you've chosen and the perspective leads wonderfully to the mountains.

    Joe La Bianca 1 Nov 2017

    yeah Bob was my teacher...

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