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Blank Generation & Born To Lose

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-10-29


I have to say today everyone, things very important, I'm falling on two really great music, made by the same guy, his name is Johnny Thunders, and we'll talk about Blank Generation & Born to Lose, this guy, I saw him once in a documentary that told the story of Rock, it was the party where we would talk about punks, and this guy is a good big influence, his lyrics of music that makes it, the Dirty & exaggerated look & the attitude of saying shit to everyone, I say that while I do not know the character even better, I can say that I know that Born to Lose who already comes from the Video Game: Skate 3 because yes, something that can surprise me, I'm a fan of skateboarding, while I really did not do much in my life, anyway, the importance here is not to talk about my life again but to talk about that I think of this guy, in my opinion, this guy is an avant-garde, because nothing but the words of his two songs there, are the base & the hymn of the punks, because Born to Lose is to speak that one did not have Born Loser, despite the qualities we do not have, people will talk to you like shit, and that in Blank Generation it's no better, because I had the impression of having the vision of the world, of a very empty generation, that does not make sense, and that it's even more shit, well I'm going to you that I really think, I think it's a very good thing, I'll explain, a good thing why, because we start there, to speak the faults of a younger generation, meaningless & treating its people there as shit, But, it's thanks to this kind of song, or we can manage to think and know that does not fit in our current generation, because yes, even if these songs are 70s, I find that the tone is still relevant, but with a different mentality & other vision in the year born 70, just that, I want to change things, to say that yes, I was born maybe loser, but that his weaknesses can become a strength & qualities, the weakness is that I am likely to be afraid of everything but in spite of that, I make a strength in drawing that I feel deep in my skull meaningless, I already want to express my anger & my fear on who is wrong, while I can barely write without fault spelling & that I change the subject to the mini second expected, (I was talking about what else already, oh yeah I like skateboarding, nan hell I made you market), The truth is there is the DIY (do it yourself) and no, it's not to do DIY, but to do things yourself, we can help people, but times that are not the latest shits that just want your money or a good that you have, this philosopher is the best thing I still have today, and I speak well to young people who do not know that to do their ten fingers, apart from complaining and complaining of their own fate, after if your problems are serious, it can be understood, but there is still certain, must stop messing anyway, Anyway, I still love to talk, but I feel like an 80-year-old who complains of everything and anything, while I'm only 20 years old, well, I'm fout, but must not forget that it is important to keep mooing that we think, otherwise, we will never advance, and my home, Have a good day or evening or you are, AV59 ^^


  • Khobe 30 Oct 2017

    I'm giving 5 stars for your text.

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 30 Oct 2017

    merci de tes commentaires, j'espère qu'on se parlera sérieusement un jour, ta façon de pense me plait ^^

  • Khobe 30 Oct 2017

    A lost generation is a product of nasty social engineering, dumbed down to produce slaves for a perverse technocratic system. You can't get understanding from an unreal education. You are truly victimized but cannot afford to be. Want to escape this cruel fate? You need to educate yourself (not schooling). The classical arts and culture is the greatest place to start because it's eternal and essential, even more so in shitty times.

  • Khobe 31 Oct 2017

    Certainement et à ta guise, mais souvent les gens trouve ma conversation un peu trop érudite pour le commun. Je n'y peux rien, la connaissance, une authentique éducation et une culture profonde sans lesquelles nous ne pouvons devenir de véritables êtres humains sont une passion dévorante chez moi. J'aime les partager comme je cultive le paradoxe tout en étant philosophiquement allergique aux idéologies.

  • Anonymous 29 Oct 2017

    cool man, keep it up.

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 30 Oct 2017

    thank you ^^

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