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Blue moon

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-10-14


(ATTENTION: this text is unfortunately long, but please, read everything, because I want to put something clear, it is very important for me, Thank you, AV59) It was a long time ago that I hesitated to post this drawing there for the reason that is very simplistic in its form, but by dint of seeing it and new reflection & logic opens up to me about the world of work with the training that I am, this is something that I think is "stupid", but that I would like to try for a reason to put things clear, enfaite, I will love to work in the field of art, to be an artist, but, in my view, this kind of job is not feasible, even impossible, because it is a job that is, in my opinion, "a dream job" to be spotted for his "talent" and that from one day to the next, you can lose everything, because people are more interested than you do, and that it is a job a little badly seen in certain look like with the famous bobo in arts schools that have a baller in ass (thanks for the accuracy), But what are my drawings? What are my drawings? What is my "art" that can be loved by many people to become popular? question of this style, because a person in training that I go, said to me "if you want to work in art, must expose drawings and sell if it works, you can be recognized and hire in this field, and if it does not work, give up on the idea "well afterwards, I do not know if she had said that, but it's a bit closer to that style, and now I have this stupid idea that has been strolling in my head since yesterday to "sell" my drawings on the internet, and whore, it is really stressful, because it is between the dream of becoming an artist and I am realistic that I have no diploma in this field and that is the pure self-taught, and that it is more a hobby, then please to public who follows me, everywhere, in any network, according to you, seriously, what my drawings are really "artistic" and my character "Darkin" can become a mascot like Mickey or Mario with a small company in any artistic medium that can exist (Animated cartoon, Video games, Comics, and so on and the best) to success as you can see on any domain, or what is c 'is just drawings made by hobby without real ambition & that do not really need to be exhibited in an art gallery because it's just caricatures made to tear with full of cultural reference without originality if it had a universe like the Simpsons for example, it would have been good already, but here, my name is not matt groening, I would like to work on a new ambitious project, but who will see it after? In short, I will still love to talk about all this, like to take my head for it, but please, I do not disconnect, I really want to know, tell me, it will be great to have the de-clique, and especially , Have a good day or night or you are, AV59 ^^


  • Anonymous 14 Oct 2017

    very good. It made me happy...

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 14 Oct 2017

    very thank youn im very happy ^^

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