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Master Chief punching Jar Jar Binks

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-09-24


Caption this. Example 1. Cortana: "Chief! Wait! That's not Covenant!" Master Chief: *begins Tea Bagging* "I know Cortana" *tea bag, tea bag* "I know." Cortana: "Chief!?" Qui Gon Jin: "Let it go Cortana. Everyone is ok with this." Jar Jar Binks: *regains conciseness in the middle of the tea bagging* "Me sir is ganna need therapy."

Challenge: Justinnator4 VS snakedaemon


  • Anonymous 24 Sep 2017

    nice idea!

    Justinnator4 26 Sep 2017

    Thanks. There was a storm trooper punching him picture earlier.

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