More artworks made by Darkin Kimiro (AV59)

Making of Cyborg

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-09-18


Then there, it is enormous, I shall have not believed to surpass myself on this drawing there, because it comes that any right(law) of a music which I like very much and which(who) comes from one livened up(led) great stylish(well-trained) and which(who) in marked a generation, which(who) to inspire one big party of Matrix, Ladies and Gentlemen, here is my parody of Ghost in the Shell, And this time, I already had look at the livened up(led) before the live movie in American version went out, but the problem, it is that the livened up(led), even if it is nevertheless good, I has not on me torn away(extracted), because it is not easy to follow, and it is nevertheless it's a pity, because it looked great well on the base(basis), but is really necessary to tear away(to extract) for go in the rear, because I knew followed, Finally in brief, but only one(only) thing which I shall remember myself of this livened up(led), it is his(her) music whore of the beginning, Making of cyborg, and mess(brothel) that it is beautiful, it is a whore of beautiful, it is so beautiful that I blubber there every time, there is a whole mixture, in the singing(song) traditional in the digital synth, and once again, it is Japanese knows really how to mix their music in modern world, and it gives a great atmosphere in the livened up(led), Blow this is not a criticism as in the last ones drawing Shut Up! But there, it is just a small pleasure to draw with a music really very beautiful to listen to, and when we think of the livened up(led), it's perfect, your day is good to fill(perform) in your head, On it people, it was free from me, to Have a nice day either an evening or whether you are, AV59 ^^


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