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Bad Brain

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-09-05


good, still a usual drawing on music that I like very much, this blow it is Punk Hardcore, even see the origins of this genre, I am not fan, but when it is the origins of something, want to discover it, the band was originally a simple group of Rasta Jazz Fusion, and when he discovered groups like Sex Pistols and Ramones, he radically changed their style of music to become what punks call the "hardcore" faster , more vulgar and more revolting, this kind of influencing others and even become at a certain time, a way to manifest that do not go, before it all becomes commercial, it is even said that Hardcore punk were monsters who love violence, was eco-friendly vegetarians who was starving and deserting the society that live, in short, I know more what you say, but hey, you know the way to go, the music in the commentary and the famous, Have a good day or evening or you are AV59 ^^


  • Anonymous 5 Sep 2017

    This feels like a news chapter of heroic Dragonmind in fight against the invading evil brains in search of hosts to put their evil plans into motion.

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 5 Sep 2017

    okey, thank you ^^

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