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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-08-24


My friends, I had to announce he(it) had not for a long time a good news, but there, I come to a bad, not so grave as that there, smells have even a very good, but would understand(include) you why? We are going to be soon at the end of August, and I go normally, if everything walks(works) very well according to the person who takes care of me in the alternative, it is finally go to internship(training course), I am going to go to work as Civil servant in one young box in about minutes from my home, that the air of a good news says like that, But bad for my group on Facebook and of that I made on the Internet as amateur draftsman, because who is going to take care of my business(to mind my own business) while I shall be for the work, and I shall maybe be to tire to visit the group and to be used to drawing, seen by the importance of this good internship(training course) later I go to see(visit) how I am going to organize all this, but that owed go, after all have it of an internship(training course) of I know not how many weeks, but it is already cool of finally go to work ^^ I hopes for power continue one if, because I really like that I made by my life, and by my passion of the drawing, with as usual, Darkin, and his(her,its) circle of acquaintances, who I do not have a lot to present or what you have of to see very rarely, But the song " I am the Walrus " came to mind(was in the lead), and wanted to make this drawing, which parodies a dress handkerchief of album of my preferred group Beatles, and I hope that the frenzy continued, because it is my only way(means) to express me in this world at the same time crazy, but at the bottom(in fact) good, With this, to Have a nice day either an evening or whether you are, It was Alexis Duée, Je Suis Darkin, bye bye ^^


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