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Surfin Twitter

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-08-22


As you know, I really like(love) everything the music kinds(genres) who(which) can have, but the kind(genre) which exceeds(overtakes) quite my preference, it is the rock garage, I have to grow(to grow up) with this music kind(genre) in the head, especially with that of Superfine Bird, yes, it is literally the bird who surfing, it doesn't make sense, yes, but whom is that it is funny everything remains old, in there whore that yes, my god, I adore this music, Already, it is the music which summarizes a period of the history(story) of the USA, the Vietnam War, then maybe that one want to persuade us that the guys to listen to that completely during the battle, but I always imagine guys which(who) bottom in the heap, unguardedly and geugle as idiots, and here is the magic of this music, The shambolic absolute nonsense, And the kind(genre) Rock Garage is brilliant for that, because it was guys ahead of their time, it was punks and a metalhead prematurely, with this its dirty and saturated as me like(love) them, roughly, it is as of the rock 'n' roll, but in hardcore, Most of its songs have to inspire again group, and I saw that in France, many group was to direct in this kind(genre) there, because yes, this music which dates the 60s, still exists, with a revival of the kind(genre), with The White Stripes and The Strokes who are the most known I think, because the list shall be long to you statements, and I am going not to make a Pip(Top) 10, so much which have quite brilliant to listen to, And which(who) is sure(safe), it is that this music kind(genre) will always be in my heart, because even when your 20 years, that gives a whore of sins and to do a mess(brothel) not possible, and to live as a hippy to Woodstock or make its music which is made no matter how, With this, to Have a nice day either an evening or whether you are, AV59 ^^


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