More artworks made by Darkin Kimiro (AV59)

Anatomy Crisis

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-08-16


I am going to do my best to explain this drawing, who(which) moreover, I took an image of an artist of DeviantArt moni158 on according to me, " a body completes ", (well roughly I arrive not in manages to make bodies perfect, because I am hopeless on this level, but there is not the subject ^^ ") Because yes, I am going to speak about the Beauty, not today that of the fashion, but generally of whom has in the company(society) there, but if you know well about what I speak, these people "hyper-sexualized" who are more beautiful of gods taken(brought) out quite straight ahead of a manga, and consider I, I know what I speak, Because, in reality, I begin to have a problem of ego, I find big, while I measure 1M90 with 115 kg on the balance, and who normally, shall not raise problem before, the weight; bof(meh), and then, I am whom I am, But due to seeing " handsome boy's " images and " of anatomy to develop the muscle or excessively " complete " ", to try to make of Darkin, a hyper-sexy character with a dream body about which I dreamed to have, and here I am again left in the fantasies most discourage that I have never had, " to have a dream physical appearance "; even the "losers" or the "big persons"("main parts") in mangas are better made by a top model in her(it) really life, Then yes I know, it is just for "forgery", needs not to take the lead(be a headache) for that, but the worst, it is that that stuffs more the head than Hentai, I have impression(printing) to be one whore kid who makes of is heard of one yes for one not, while other people are even more worse than me in levels physical appearance(physics), and shall go to cut badly itself their own body, for shall look like what is not, Later you have idea of which that makes, I can unfortunately not be bothered to make the list of that this kind(genre) of problem who could in people sensitive, a bad image of them the same while nevertheless, without wanting to hurt, should sacrifice you your time(weather) and your activities(occupations) to become that you want to be, and not to sacrifice his(her,its) money(silver) on the botox, I want to make a debate on this kind(genre) of "problem", because I knew how to find the words for shall speak it, with this, to Have a nice day either an evening or whether you are, AV59 --


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