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Girls & Boys

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-08-09


You know what, The sex is the worst addiction that I had from now on for a long time, and yes, I said the word which I wanted not to say on Facebook, Because the subject is is taboo or some considers at you as a pervert of the first one(night), because you like simply making that, the sex rotted me my life, because at the school was kind(genre), if ever has you bedtime(sunset) your life, have you of a failure, a no, and one my even handled(treated) with "PD", and then, I have quite my life in front of me to have this kind(genre) experience(experiment), I would like to say, whom(that) is that I have it to do, while this kind(genre) of subject(word,words) profoundly marked me, What made for me worsened my addiction for you tell the truth, because I thought by being a guy by spanking that, because that spanked virile, I hide you not that I took pleasure, but after a while, everything will break you literally testicles, because you have never made of your life, you see that your friends have to make him(it), and avoid looking like an idiot to make handled(treated) with "virgins", Then already, I have nothing against the sex, it is on the contrary natural, I know, I am no more stupid of one not other, but whore, I judge you that your brain will be stuff by all images, videos and whore of Hentai in your head, will make for you change humor that we have the impression to be one whore of bipolar, and to have this frustration of people which surrounds you, then which(who) nothing hurt, It is there that came the song of Blur: chorus girls and Boys who confirms my vision of thought of the sex, it's always the same, needs looked if and that, for in the end(final) that, to have made a "special" thing(trick) and you are proud and whom later you can break her(it) between friend, whore, it is as taken the high school diploma in France, we push him(it) to you that it is important to make him(it), while you know very well that you will find nothing which will be according to you "extra"("special") in the end(final), Well, now, you go to have a vision different from me I imagine, bof(meh), too bad, at least I shall be shall break once and for all on a subject who shall begin to stuff me the head, Do not hesitate in shall speak to me about it, that shall be interesting to know, with this, to Have a nice day either an evening or whether you are, AV59 ^^


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