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Roland of Gilead

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-10-04


11x14 markers


  • poppy23 6 Jul 2015

    Amazing concept! The colorings very beautiful as well!

  • GMax0 4 Oct 2014

    Nice reference ! ; ) This is not how I imagined Roland and his universe, I saw him darker, drier, with more sand, and mysticism. But This your own view, and it's interesting to know how other people see the same book = ) Now I want to do my own x)

  • Grrawesomeness 4 Oct 2014

    Interesting, yet strange in a way. The person is what throws me off, along with the dark tower in the back, although, I could ever draw anything like this, so I am in no place to call this bad. ~Grr/Flow

  • PillarBellardi 4 Oct 2014

    the color concept is amazing! omg this letters too! really good work.

  • desertdogg 4 Oct 2014

    interesting piece. love the title. lots of things going on here good concept and colors.

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