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Revolver //450 dev//

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-06-30


In the AV59, there is a tradition which I always makes since my first drawing publish on DeviantART, Draw the dress handkerchief of Revolver of Beatles which is according to me, a kind of revelation, even if before, I had to listen to better, I knew that it had even better of that I to listen to as music, Because I always feel(smell) the same free improvisation to make which pleases me, sometimes drawing which I makes sound in mode(fashion) follow or autopilot, but him(it) sometimes has there a freedom to make which pleases, Without improvisation and my Frenzies, Darkin shall never have to exist, and without the music and funny Stand(Pit) Up improvised as Jamel Debbouze and full of other one things(tricks) which I already have to approach, him(it) shall never have had this slogan in my head of " Improvised, it is the art ", and without Beatles, my head shall not be so free and not opened today, otherwise here is a thing(trick) which I always have to like: Discover the popular culture to the level world which had to begin with Beatles in now, because yes, even before Beatles, always had something else, but it is them who have to activate(start) that we know now, it is true that the youth (whom(which) I makes it left) is the good(property) and the evil, there is a lot of defect, but way, any world in defects, and also, we are human and we do our best so that any world is happy in their way to make, to see and to understand(include), there is a lot opinions which I would like to rock(toss), but it is stupid(weak), because every one to its own opinion(notice), I always have to like speaking like that, because that makes I somebody of seriousness, I am 20 years old, and I have impression(printing) to be another kid or idiot who to understand(include) hardly how the world walks(works), but without this culture, I shall have become AV59, THANK YOU, is deeply indebted to you, the world, I wish you a Good day or an evening or what you are, on behalf of French which loves the world, AlexVic59

Challenge: myworldbyfar VS Darkin Kimiro (AV59)


  • Anonymous 30 Jun 2017

    I see what you did, perhaps it would have been cooler if it was drawn in the format of the album so 200x200 or 300x300 ect.

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 30 Jun 2017

    Why not, but I love doing it my way, maybe someday I will, when I have more experience, thank you for your comment; It makes me happy ^^

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