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In my Head ? But in reality !!!

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-06-26


I me boredom for been right(told the truth), I again think of gaining confidence on the communication, as a result, I me self-criticism, and here is a drawing which has me tempt to share with you, In my head, I have a very clean(appropriate) body and to develop the muscle, that any girl could throw(cast) himself on me, with hair ribband and teenagers in tablet in chocolate, and beautiful bawl, sociable with any world and ready to reveal any challenge the craziest, to move, it is my thing, I stop not, nothing not to surpass me, I am master(teacher) in my domain But in reality, my body is as Jabba de Hutt, as soon as we see, we would believe to see Godzilla to look for her(it) of Mcdo, hair are fat and to oblige to get away them, otherwise, button in the geugle, an invasion gathering from the plague, unsociable and pessimistic of nature which makes only of pitied by everything and of anything, I always think that people are to live(remain), because I am always afraid reaction of the latter, sat(based), it is my thing, it is annoying, I so much saw of thing, because nothing more to surprise me, I am nor master(teacher) in my domain, I write that, because I meet of many thing which I have to change, the truth I want to move, but to block(surround) in his(her,its) habits become boring, needs that my body moves, I am 20 years old, and I am too much to let go, I have the courage, but never the time(weather) to make a serious project and in the slightest failure, I quite want of drop, then which needs not, there are no instructions for use, The d├ębouille and the improviste is only one(only) thing which I know how to make, I am lost, while the novelty has never frightened me, whom(that) is that I have? You have quite your life to answer me, but know a thing, I know that I have to not be the only person in this world to have this kind(genre) of problem, and yours in said as well as: we protect the others to protect itself oneself. Thank you for your understanding, owe you that ^^


  • Anonymous 26 Jun 2017

    This is so relatable lol nice job

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 26 Jun 2017

    yeh, this true, my head is crazy, just help me - -

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