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Chara Vixen fighter

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-06-11


Meet Chara the vixen. She's on OC by boodog97 from furaffinity. I drew her in some marshall arts pose to show she's adept at hand to hand combat. This was a hard pose to draw so I looked at some reference. The inner thigh joints have visible definition that can be seen in this leotard like outfit. The original reference of Boodog97's OC didn't show the very underside of the outfit so I made a guess that it's the same purple/magenta color as other parts of the suit. The suit's chest area also looked like it connected better to the other plating segments. This redesign was intended to imply how it could look from a lower angle and possibly imply greater flexibility and breathing room.

Challenge: Justinnator4 VS Ragnar


  • Vic-Chan 12 Jun 2017

    Weirdest bonner of the day. Seriously, good job on the anatomy. Feels very natural.

    Justinnator4 12 Jun 2017

    Thanks. It was thanks to good reference. I take care to handle sensual anatomy and treat it with respect by following reference closely.

  • lewman 18 Jun 2017

    No shame in using reference, in fact it is generally considered a good idea haha. It seems you have captured the pose very well, i particularly like the subtle texture and values on the armour. It would be nice to see some more values put into the fur but regardless well done.

    Justinnator4 27 Jun 2017

    Thanks. I've seen a few examples of both detailed fur and smooth fur. I lean more often in the smooth streamlined direction, but I could show fluff at some point

  • Anonymous 11 Jun 2017

    nice................. :---)

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