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Elizabeth Taylor

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-05-03


" Liz "


  • Rodaina 5 May 2017

    WOW..lovely one

    hubert perron 5 May 2017

    thank you infinitely Rodaina

  • Don Art 4 May 2017


    hubert perron 4 May 2017

    thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!

  • Zuza Mijagi 3 May 2017

    Beautiful portrait, Hubert.:)

    hubert perron 3 May 2017

    thank you, thank you infinitely

  • pencil recreations 8 Mar 2020

    Hi Herbert are u still out there!!!!

  • pencil recreations 18 Jan 2020

    Well we made 2020Jan and long time no see just realized my last contact was 2018...time flies when you are having fun...anyways its good for me to think that you are still out there....things change but your art lives on ...Maybe catch you later...Nev

  • pencil recreations 18 Jan 2020

    Hi Hubert ..long time no draw for you and long time no see for me..Missing your great art work.. just checking you out...Later Nev

  • pencil recreations 4 Aug 2018

    Yes amazing as always but you are quiet since 2017..But for me great to be reminded of your skills ..Nev

  • Miqdame 23 Oct 2017

    love it!! whats ur instagram?

  • REDtr 22 Aug 2017

    I always rate 5 on your works sir. Its just amazing as always.

  • REDtr 8 Jul 2017

    Amazing :)

  • Anonymous 3 May 2017

    She's beautiful and I like the way her hair frames her face

    hubert perron 3 May 2017

    thank you infinitely !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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