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Enter the universe

By Hexxio
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2017-04-26


"Truth can only be known through the limits of existential misunderstanding, crossing the boundaries of reason through the individual identity for the realization of the being in his multiple forms, achieving the nirvana of the senses." The Noname Enter the universe. Pixel Sort, Photoshop.


  • WoodyWelch 26 Apr 2017

    Astronomically beautiful!!!!

  • Khobe 27 Apr 2017

    Madness has created reason that denies it, while reason taken only by itself is totally mad. Just love your composite and a good paradox_ life is full of it.

  • Anonymous 26 Apr 2017

    Like Enter the Infinite MTG Card. Like the detail of the star in the eye. Good job!

    Hexxio 26 Apr 2017

    Yeah, that's the question and the idea ;)

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