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She Wants Revenge

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-10-03


"She Wants Revenge" by Carissa Rose Created with watercolors, fountain pens, white colored pencils, HB and Ebony pencils on bristol board paper. Prints available on etsy: More art on and instagram @misscarissarose


  • NobleBacon 11 Sep 2015

    Love her expression!

  • Redtreatjas 11 Sep 2015

    aww i love the color! great composition

  • xpector 5 Aug 2015

    Woow... Enough said!

  • czmanga 4 Aug 2015

    Fantastic work with the lineart , the lighting over the hair is really good ! Gorgeous coloured work !

  • trevorp 12 Sep 2015

    Wonderful use of colour - well done :-)

  • Hatshj 1 Aug 2015

    Very nice!!:D

  • BloodyWolf 5 Aug 2015


  • mistyeye2015 6 Aug 2015

    beautiful work, the highlights on the skin are excellent and love the colour in the hair and tattoo.

  • Puk 4 Aug 2015

    The tatoo is awesome!

  • BloodyWerewolf 1 Aug 2015


  • empuzzi 27 Jul 2015

    Love the way u did the hair!

  • fordeli 27 Jul 2015

    I love her bright hair and the tattoo

  • RonnyWolf 25 Jul 2015

    Ah this is so good! Absolutely love it OwO

  • SeriousAnnika 3 Oct 2014

    The background is a bit distracting to me. Maybe a simple black background would've been better, and then all the focus would be on the girl. I do like the mix of black and grey with colour. It's rare I like that mix, but this is executed well. The shading is so smooth I wanna touch it, and the hair is done in a cool way.

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