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Le Look Dragon

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-04-04


Finally, XD, there is a character who has a mouth, muscle, balze, a mouth as I always wanted to be, with some tattoo, one that winks at his origins, After looking at the new Darkin, there is some fault, it looks short on legs with a body too big with the muscles, and it is still in version "Face" because the results on "3 / 4 "&" Front "is not that yet, but must say that it is a good start, so better to take its time, and for color, I would love to change something else, even make several page Nothing to see the colors, but by habit of the character, red is its basic skin color, and blow it, it reminds me of demon well burette who can find in DOOM, For that is pixels, it's normal, it's just a little censorship of "between legs", I do not plan to make a kind of hentai with this improvement, but I find that it's easier to draw a Personage when it is "naked", not with the clothes that wears, because I do not know our guy will do that in pants or high, but given the transformation, it will end up like hulk, namely, in 4XL shorts Because strangely, one is more attracted by guys "enough muscles" or "beautiful kid", or even both, to make the main characters, while at the base, it is the kind of loser with bezel with a physical Not attract everything in solitary feeling, I do not know how to call it, but it is the kind of cliché that I often see in Comics & Cinema, After that is an "impression", but Drakin makes me think more of a "werewolf", but in lizard, or hellboy seen the color of his skin, finally short Otherwise Avis & advice are welcome despite the misunderstandings, Vive Darkin ^^

Challenge: Jan Spicka VS Darkin Kimiro (AV59)


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