More artworks made by Darkin Kimiro (AV59)

No Sens

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-03-31


To explain, I made a storyboard of 16 pages, it is totally improvised and done in the middle of the night that I finish at 3 pm, this comic is a self-parody of my graphic universe follows To the critic I had recently had in the group "Les Dessinateurs", Then yes I understood the lesson and that everybody has different tastes, in short, I made a bullshit and I recognize the error that I made, because the blow to play a role of villain, my god, But what I smoke for recounted as bullshit, so I simply inspire the famous bullshit with humor and a parody of myself with a story that makes no sense because My graphic universe is based only in nonsense, either it is just to make a message and to make Debate or just continue to train and to hear the graphic and scenario possibility, because yes I make short stories short for The reasons you know, and then if it's ugly, it's normal, because it has only a simple storyboard, and I'm a regular ^^ For short, I just like everything, I would like to do everything (Cinema, Animation literature, comics, manga, music, video games and lots of other stuff that is related to folk art) Stuff that has nothing to do with the field of art (kitchen, DIY, computer, sport, ect, ect), because I would like to say that I am versatile, but I know it will annoy somebody, I do not know myself, and then if you are the kind to be versatile and want to do everything at once, Welcome to the club, I like you ^^


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