More artworks made by Darkin Kimiro (AV59)

Darkin et Prince Sidon

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-03-22


I think we're gonna laugh today, I'm a fan of Zelda, and Breath Of The Wild came out a long time ago ^^, finally, curious, I watch the FatArt's breath of the wild, Zelda, Link, all the casting present, and here is the image that made me ask a lot of question which is the link (DeviantART), And this is the biggest consistency I've ever seen in my life, this character is Prince Sidon, is this character is like the distant cousin of Darkin or a version of him in More beautiful kid with a geugle of Because there is (in my opinion) a huge gathering between the two characters, after I shout not "plagiarism", it's just that I thought about MichaelLeeLunsford FanArt (DeviantART), that he had a rally, And it made me laugh, after all why not, it's a delirium like any other, if the people of Nintendo have "inspired" my character to make a mixture of the Zora race and you mine?, Ben It's really cool ^^, and then it's great to see that, Think I'm crazy, I'm going to see several images of Prince Sidon to see if it was not a consistency, and all the pictures were good as I see, Darkin will then have a twins give up and who will evolve in the sea as a "man -fish".


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