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MAI 68

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-03-16


It is a revolt / Non Sire, it is a Revolution. Well, as many know, it will soon be the French presidential elections, and with the brothel happening around the world and especially in France, because we do not have an impression that will see an apocalypse after voting for such or such Candidate for the election, but here is an old trick that France knows how to remember, A trick that we can say that at the time we were not con, A trick that said "No to old system, Long live the new" , Good thing that saw the title so much that it has no effect of surprise so that it marks France by its youth, its workers, its farmers and perhaps Europe if I saw on Wiki: MAY 68 Yes, the kidnappings of Facking Mai 68, all that messy talk about change in a France already too old for the time, Of a France so authoritarian among the youth that it rebel and that the CRS feels give a heart joy Of a France still very Catholic and very culturally close, Socially and above all, POLITICS, well it is not too surprising that it The imagination to power, It is forbidden to forbid, The beauty is in the streets and the famous slogan on de Gaulle: The dog, it is him and Be young and Shut up. And still full of slogan pretty nice qe I did not put everything on, but I invite you to go to Wiki just to laugh, because I wanted to put all the slogans possible because they are all trash, satirical And 1st degree, that he was truly creative for the XD era And precisely, during a month of revolt, riot, general and savage strikes, they knew how to change something and dissolved the National Assembly, well after they have so much to say on May 68 that it is interesting to To follow this period of French history is like a mini French Revolution, but younger and "less violent", because if I say "less violent", it is necessary to see that one fessed with Our rich in 1789, right after we saw so much Revolution that in total, we have had 9 Fat of Political Regime from 1789 to Now: namely (3 constitutional monarchies, 2 non-autonomous republics which one does not To last 12 years maximum, even 4 years, 2 Empires and 2 Autonomous Republics of which the 4th & 5th is part) and still I do not count the rest, because this country is a real brothel that its very history mixes with the Gauls , Which will be too long and complicated to explain it like that, After that there's so much more stuff to talk about that even Star Wars, Dragon Ball and even Back To The Future have more logic next to the modern history of France, but at least I still criticize them but with a On the positive side that goes with May 68 because when they had something wrong, Ben the Torches, Paves and Fouché are in the streets and geugle that really is not in a country that is just a thread, I ask if other countries are like this, I ask if France is not the only one to be as stupid as another, says me if you know countries that are on this same level as France, Just to laugh at it, Other Comrade, Advice & Advice are welcome here, Viva Revolution XD


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