More artworks made by Darkin Kimiro (AV59)

Crazy French

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-03-13


The monster is back, it flies so much class and style that the world licked her feet and even her buttocks, ladies and gentlemen of the world, France, A country so good and cool that the rogues and the morons are in paradise, a system so bordelique that even beside Russia is a perfect country, education so close to the plate that one wonders if the children lived A civil war with some pupil and teacher to kill between, So stereotyped a cliché that we are wondering if it is more than rumors, but the reality, citizens who love their work so much that strikes them every day, a culture so exemplary that the extinction of pandas Is the perfect example to represent its culture on a global level, a language so well written that there are still mistakes spelling still today, a cinema so sophisticated that Hollywood still poses questions and music so symphonic that The English believe it's a joke, Ahhhhhh, France, you are a myth all by yourself, before I loved you on all seams, but now you disappointed me, I am so asking about your evolution, but many like me have had Disillusion, I opened my heart and spirit in you that knows last become mature heartless and rasping by time, time that you did not change his mentality, but has only to change his scenery to still show your Aging beauty, leaving the youth in your bad mood, and again, your list is sadly long, I may be writing in bad faith, But it's not me, but France makes me like that ... Well I hope to have a good massacre a language of molière by my care, because even the disability of people, you do not care as of year 40, Opinion, Bla bla bla and Vive la France, Is pure irony, XD


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