More artworks made by Darkin Kimiro (AV59)

Day Woman

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-03-09


I made a drawing (with special effect for once), to talk about the day of the woman, and seen who still passes around our world, it is not tomorrow the hurdy-gurdy that the people will make it respect the " One to another, especially it is even in my opinion, thawing that some woman can still domestic violence, rape anywhere and sexual harassment with an "inferiority" touch, We are in 2017, and I vomit my brains to know that this kind of thing is still "practicing" around the world, at the same time, I am a guy, and many will tell me I do not know what I talk or even that somebody will take it to the 1st degree, and shit, why men do not respect those who are the future of our humanity, now must stop this kind of shit my coco, it comes back to bitch With "skin color" or "cultual difference", it's just immature, inhuman and intolerant to the people around us, Kumo does not have the kind to let it, it knows to beat and knows well the pain, but to fall on a group that wants to let loose on any person who falls in their hands, I know one that n I do not want to hear from this ear, even if the Darkens are as gentle as lambs, it can end up in a bloodbath, but with anger and rage, I let you imagine all the morbid and macabre stuff straight out of it, a nightmare. Think before typing a woman Anyway, If not here for this drawing Special Women's Day, even if the subject is very delicate in my opinion, and hopefully not make me look like a misogynist because I have a lest the evening summarize took 1st degree, if you tell me, Otherwise, Avis & Conseil will be welcome and Vive les Femmes ^^


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