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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-03-08


This is a genre I've never talked about and yet that I love above all, The Zombies, especially this movie which is Re-Animator inspired by a new from HP Lovecraft, which Darkin had presented "Cthulhu" in person In an old drawing, this film is quite special, even if its black humor is hyper morbid as I love them, Lovecraft spit everything, morbid than him, you die XD, But let's talk about Zombie which is, in my opinion, the real horror one can imagine, for imagine that in the world, we announce on TV that to a virus that makes people crazy and cannibal, that the only thing that makes paranoid in This situation is that to a Zombie Horde ready to eat You, nothing but You, it is dead, you have to survive, and pay attention to your health to avoid being infected by this virus that has not Vaccine, not treatable and which spreads very quickly in your body, So I already know why I love Zombies, because it is based on real illness and you make it fictitious for the needs of the scenario. Example: (mad cow virus + muter = Virus Z) and that most of the time Happens in our real world, and how you will see people trying to survive in this silent and anarchic "new world", even if it's fiction, I love the Zombie genre in all these domains , After that must be good). Otherwise Avis & Conseil will be welcome and Bonne survive ^^


  • Anonymous 8 Mar 2017

    Realy cool. I love Lovecraft.

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 8 Mar 2017

    Thank you, me to ^^

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