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The Gonk

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-03-06


Here is a new super, a new character who will follow our Couple and my assistant V.I.C as a pet: Gonk, But here is the small problem, what is that our pet is a komodo dragon, which normally this kind animals are domesticated to the Zoo, or even not at all, because this kind of giant lizard is called "Eater of Man "Despite the rare attacks of the latter, And guess who makes the eyes sweet to this good big lizard, Kumo, finally, these darkens really have weird tastes that even VIC knows to ask is that this delirium, and then after all, why not, a Dragon Of Komodo as a pet, but it's BadAss, imagine if a thief will come home and cross this big lizard out of the jurassic, the guy will be fucked XD In short, Sinon Avis & Conseil will be welcome and Vive notre Gonk ^^


  • pencil recreations 7 Mar 2017

    You continue to intrigue me with your drawings Alex and the attached stories ....Roald dahl might have started this way .the bfg springs to mind...The Gonk ..well you never know.....could be a so big future

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 7 Mar 2017

    thank you ^^

  • Anonymous 6 Mar 2017

    The story of the caracter is nice. The drawing needs more work... details, shading. But that is a nice start of idea

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 6 Mar 2017

    Ok I take note, thank you for the comment ^^

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