More artworks made by Darkin Kimiro (AV59)


Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-03-02


Hmmmm, how are my coconuts, eh? Ah yeah, it was the stuff geugle (if that is fault), because in our area, we like tequila, finally, we especially love the music of Tequila The Champs that makes me think of a small cup competition we drink cul-dry the very strong in Mexican Tequila bar (which will be a cliche in itself ^^ ") This blow it, he had no wallet, because as it is the only single, benn, the sleeves are mix and so are several version alone, so I made the "old", ie , Use my imagination, and illustrate in an original way, finally, even if I kind of scene, we see it in several movies, but it is still remains XD, Otherwise, Avis & Conseil are welcome, Vive le Rock "Latino" ^^ PS: infact, it's to celebrate the driving license.


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