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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-02-24


I just finished this pouch of Lou Reed really stylish, and the cow, what they were tired of doing, but whore that is that I'm happy to have finished, I know some song from this album, and it's very interesting, especially, for a crazy guitar like Lou Reed, it's great ^^ Otherwise, Avis & Conseil will be welcome, Vive le Rock ^^


  • shakaioliart Feb 27

    i don't know him

    AlexVic59-fr Feb 27

    It is a pioneer of Punk and it is not easy to describe that Lou Reed is, just listen to these musics for vir what kind of character they were, otherwise thank you for the comment ^^

  • Filtemute Feb 25

    Lou Reed \m/

    AlexVic59-fr Feb 25

    thank you ^^

  • Anonymous Feb 24


    AlexVic59-fr Feb 24

    what is strange, It's just Lou Reed, it's okay it's just normal ^^

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