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Never Say Die !

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-02-23


I think it will become a new habit, because I really like to draw these album covers, and in addition to listening to the music in question, it's really too great, because, it's music forged me And evolves in my graphic universe, and I leave in delusions that I still fall from the ass throughout my life, Otherwise, I will publish again if I have time, one or two a day, but I'm short of ideas for the next, I must in all that the cover pleases me (like music elsewhere ^ ^ ") And maximum 1 or 2 character, I say that because generally they are 4 person or a graph simple enough or complex to make in a album cover of Rock, Metal, Punk, Reggae or perhaps Rap or Pop if you want ^^, but especially good, And again, I may be White Stripes, it's still not safe, because I work in total improvisation, well it will be surprise ^^, Finally short, the Avis & Advice will be welcome, Vive Le Rock ^^


  • Anonymous 24 Feb 2017

    Radical. Thee guys have on their breathing masks in order to survive the excruciating environment of the post-apocalyptic world. Keep it up !

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 24 Feb 2017

    thank you ^^

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