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Alone II : Love

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-02-12


You remember this summary that you have to take seriously, well it will start again with a subject that affects many people because it affects any sex, Nationality, ethnicity, age and their "sexual" attraction (Gay, Lesbian, Ect) Nobody can stay calm when talking about love, how to talk about a subject that is half known as it is, because many will have different opinions & how to say how it is, But this is the question I asked the girl: Why did you always live so far from home, after the girls can also answer the same question with men, because if I say that, I've lived far away from home now, and I love to do it on the internet, and come across a girl who loves me and lives in the South, pity, yes, but I have to think of myself first, After many will say to me: "Why do not you go to dating sites or Why do not you go in box like the youth of your age" or the famous "Stop thinking that your geugle, you not the only one To look for C ... "precisely, I had already talked about another subject that I do not like going out, but the dating sites, ehu it's just a scam I have already tried, And it does not work, and it's even more annoying and depressing to come out, and then we're all in the same world, nan? After that it's just my opinions, you have yours, and I understand everything has done you, but according to you, is you single or couple, sometimes I know that we can bawl into a couple, even see To leave, but for a guy who has little or just to do that virtual on love, it stops me, in my head I still do not trust people except with some I will not list you , It is perhaps selfish that I would say, but I just need someone to be frank, but I'm not stupid and not stupid, just that I still open to people, because despite the shit , I love you well ^^ Your friend and crazy, AV59


  • Anonymous 12 Feb 2017

    A nightmare vision of anxiety I'd say. Symbols, words, all torment the man floating in the middle. Captures much emotion. I like like !

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 12 Feb 2017

    thank you ^^

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