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Darkin et Kumo 2.0 (Merci Aloyse)

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-02-11


These are the final versions of my character, and I want to thank Aloyse for helping me make the sketch, which inspired me to do Darkin & Kumo like that, After I put the "demon" side, because character level, despite that it is mature, that keeps the side dirty kid, and parque it is always as class ^^, After, here is a new problem, it's the colors, because my cousin had given the idea to put the skin in red and Darkin's horns in yellow, but we go + go to the clichés of "real demon" Because good he is still nice in the story, but after I still do not repeat you again and again how are my characters, It is just human being, but in addition class ^ ^, after Consultation & Opinions will be welcome, because I have not yet finished evolving them, because after there are the character trait, draw them profit and Bla bla bla ^^ I hope to have a lot of ideas on this new concept, and to have a new habit of drawing them like this.


  • Anonymous 11 Feb 2017

    think it nedss a litlle more work,,,,,keep going!!

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 11 Feb 2017

    I take note, thank you ^^

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