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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-02-03


This is a Serious Summary, Not a Joke - - I will promise more and re-talk, but really I can no longer be alone in my corner and wait that is something that happens in front of this screen, if I draw most of the time, Pass a message, and blow it, I pass as a message that I bore myself at home, After a lot of people will tell me "why not fate then if you fuck like that", precisely, I hate to go out, because as soon as I go out, it's even worse, I'm bored again, it There is nothing to do outside, while you have a computer with internet, that demands the people, The only thing for me to go out is for important stuff like going to the CMP or going to the driving school, there I go out, because it's important, and even I walk back to tell you, in fact , Is that I do not really "friend" strictly speaking, because the only friends I have, are in Belgium looking for a job, suddenly, they are far, the only moments where we can speak are On Facebook, and even that they are not available, because I understand that they do, After that I have to say: Stop saying that it is cute or beautiful on what I do, it is really encouraging from you and I thank you in advance, but I just want to see me And be a friend, even if you live very far from home, right in front of the screen, text by text, Bonjour in Hello, Au revoir in Goodbye, I do not give a damn, but I Am Alone .


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