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T.D.A (Trouble Of Attention)

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-01-31


Afterwards, there is a sketch that speaks about my problem of TDA, because as many have noticed, and even, I had already talked to some that I was dyslexia, but if I have this problem it is At the base because of the TDA (Trouble Of Attention) because that's why I always prefer to draw unexpectedly or when a strong inspriation comes to my head because having this problem, It is as if I had Jacquouille in my head and who makes "Attention, Inattention" as summarizes well the sketch, after that, it will not prevent me to continue making my drawings and other activity that I like to do a lot,


  • trevorp May 17

    Interesting concept and design :-)

    AlexVic59-fr May 17

    thank you ^^

  • Anonymous Feb 1

    It is so cool that you are able to express yourself on paper with these sketches ! Do you carry a notepad around with you so you can draw whenever you think of something ? This is a very spontaneous piece. Keep it up !

    AlexVic59-fr Feb 1

    very thank you ^^

    AlexVic59-fr Feb 1

    I try to have a notepad, but I always prefer to do on my A4 block while looking for inspersion in front of my screen ^^

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