More artworks made by Darkin Kimiro (AV59)

Darkin anime N°3 : Monty Python

Type: photo Uploaded: 2017-01-26


I love Monty Python, a very British style of humor really well to them, and in fact around the world, as many are inspired by Monty Python and the same honors in most skits cult, and that has always fascinated me is the animation that is special and has no meaning, and rightly, is that you ^^, so, I made a little animated paper cut, kind to the old plan by plan, even if it is done in a hurry. Warning: this is done to the hard, because who knows why XD, it's just a model. P.S : normally, they should be loved, but I think the site not display G.I.F file, which I put a poster of random small project


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