More artworks made by Darkin Kimiro (AV59)

Les Darkien's

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-01-24


The Darkens are a humanoid race still mysterious to this day, no one is their origins and the history of this people with the red skin and white face, (seen in the drawing details of their anatomy) Very expressive, their emotions are seen very well in their faces, especially the male when they are very excited, according to certain legends, the Darkien's have developed a special power that adds new elements in their bodies, spanking years of meditation and Reflections, Because the Darkens have a level of IQ still to this day (mysterious), no one has come to think about a way of life and in the sense of all the situation that surrounds them, same level as humans, but some said That it is 2 times that a normal human, This people is still staying in anonymous but wanted to be represented by Darkin & Kumo, two versatile and very talented artist who are very well known to the Darkien's people, they call themselves "the couple" because when they are known to have Does a lot work together sometimes even very taboo and exploring and experiencing a lot of horizon (but that will be another stories ^ ^), In short, to say that Darkin & Kumo are the ambassadors of the Darkien's people ^^


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