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Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-12-01


Meet Bob. He's an armoured mecha, although he mostly consists of a soft and squishy vinyl-like material. He started off as a pencil sketch inspired by Baymax from Disney's "Big Hero 6" and Blizzard's "Starcraft"


  • LadyFuzztail 22 Dec 2016

    Nice concept, though the lack of specular lighting does feel odd.

  • romanzottilucas3606 5 Dec 2016

    cool concept you got there

    shellz-art 10 Dec 2016

    Thank you

  • Nicolas Sepulveda 2 Dec 2016

    As I love drawing robots, especially when it comes to detail, this easily caught my attention, especially how the shading, lightning, and even the very neat accuracy of the outlines.

    shellz-art 10 Dec 2016

    Thank you very much!

  • Anonymous 1 Dec 2016

    great job!

    shellz-art 10 Dec 2016


  • Anonymous 1 Dec 2016

    great job!

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