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Blueberry and the Roamers

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-11-26


OKAY so I have a creature named Morgan, who is part of a species called"Roamers" and Blueberry (Underswap Sans) is my fav so I thought I'd like him might a small pack of wild Roamers... he's probably gonna get attacked... yeah those things are about as stable as Francium.


  • romanzottilucas3606 5 Dec 2016

    HEY GUYS! look at that amazing chewing toy I found!

    Neptune S. Nova 9 Dec 2016

    XD omg

  • Anonymous 26 Nov 2016

    The Roamers have a really neat design, and I really love the lighting effects you've done with their eyes and how only that and Blueberry's scarf are the only spots of color in it. Very well done :)

    Neptune S. Nova 26 Nov 2016

    :D nice comments like this make me so happy~ ty!

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