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Prince and Edgy

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-11-23


Did some art for a short story I wrote like nine months ago... working on a chapter two now doe cause my readers are sadists and wanted more... *cough*


  • romanzottilucas3606 25 Nov 2016

    yes, now eat it... or at least chew it!

    Neptune S. Nova 26 Nov 2016

    Omg XD thank you this comment brought me joy.

  • Anonymous 23 Nov 2016


  • Anonymous 23 Nov 2016

    and what abully and can I hear "nice doggy ,I will take you for a walk so stop clowning around" ..can only say that edgy must be feeling that way right now...cause you have to call a dog Prince ...nicely illustratedclean and clear and chapter 2 will probably be short one of the characters in your art work...

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