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Lara Croft et Kumo

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-11-06


A first for Kumo to present the characters, and especially if it's our Lara Croft, which unfortunately I have not had the chance to play on PS1, but I had to PC (a bit rotten version with keyboard ><) Anyway, if there is a question we would like to know Lara is: "How is it with men" because for gaming and movie with Angelina Jolie, the "young" was the famous adventuress bare code, and then, even today, if enough do a skin naked lara, in the recent game, then, that we no longer talk as if had normal ^^. but is certain is that Darkin and I was trying to quell fresh Thread girls ^^ "


  • Anonymous 6 Nov 2016


    AlexVic59-fr 6 Nov 2016

    Thank you ^^

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