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Please Real People Come Back - 300th Draw

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-10-25


Drawings for the 300th post on DeviantART, we will do strong, with some of my subscribers, especially on Twitter and Tumblr, so I want to tell them, If please the Real People, OO RETURN "because I have nothing to ass SPAM, Certain subscriber Twitter or Tumblr are girl sex If not possible to stack prefried believe I call it" Hot's Followers " After that turns downright of x.x.x, I have nothing against sex, but then, for a guy who is single, is hell Select activities not mind turning to 69, And the worst is that I demand nothing, they subscribe in my pages, but yours to thank still supporting me, despite their contents ^^ "


  • Anonymous 25 Oct 2016

    so you also have that spam problem ha?, I like it, it expresses so much about that fake persons

    Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 25 Oct 2016

    thank you ^^

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