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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-10-12


new daily drawing :) hope ya'll like it, watch the speed drawing of it here -

Challenge: wendel balbino VS blvckink


  • Moca 17 Oct 2016

    Looks so cool!! Really nice composition ^-^

  • Mutantenfisch 12 Oct 2016

    Amazing drawing! The bird looks pretty realistic and I love the circling lines in the background as much as the "frame" the leaves and the dark grass build in the foreground. Just one suggestion: Maybe you could make the outlines of the bird a bit thicker? This would make it pop out even more. But else, this drawing is great!

    blvckink 12 Oct 2016

    thank you for the suggestion :) i see what you mean, ill go ahead and fix that :)

  • didier1961 25 Jul 2017

    nice work............. ;---)

  • Don Art 30 Mar 2017

    very nice!

  • Vic-Chan 12 Oct 2016

    Jesus Christ, what amazing lines! I have to pratice more! :D

  • Anonymous 14 Mar 2017

    cool creation!. [:

  • Anonymous 12 Oct 2016

    Terrific delicate line work, the whole portrait has a fluidity and movement and the added flora and the circles in the moon is perfect well done..and yeah I likes it...

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