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  • AliceInSpace 5 Oct 2016

    Omg, I love Doctor Who! I like how your predicting the next one!

    jeirin 8 Oct 2016

    I love this series too. Actually, I am not predicting. That is the Valeyard. (they name drop him in the Name of the Doctor, and appeared back during the Trial of Time Lord) He is a supposed to be a regeneration between the 12th and last one. ((the thing is that when he met Six he was from the future; when he is name dropped by the Great Intelligence is in Trenzalore where the TARDIS has no longer an owner and the Doctor is supposed to be long dead. Meaning The Valeyard could happen as a part of the new set of regenerations)). Like the War Doctor, he is another actual incarnation that decided to take on another name because he could not or not wanted to take on the mantel.

  • Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 27 Oct 2016

    stylé ^^

    jeirin 30 Oct 2016

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous 4 Oct 2016


    jeirin 4 Oct 2016


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