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Muscle study

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-09-04


(I took a ref for this; maybe i'll find it...oh here it…) I wanted it to look like it is done on that old shitty paper like L. da Vinci used or whut nut But the head wasnot on the ref it is from my oc Victor cause the body looked like it might have been his I am only concerned about his head beeing too big or too small :I well hope you like his butt and have something nice to say about him :3

Challenge: BunnyFaceWolf VS MalaMi95


  • lewman 7 Sep 2016

    I would say his head looks fine man, and would also say that your muscle study was successful. I aught to practice such things myself more often.

  • Anonymous 4 Sep 2016

    Nice work on the musculature! Impressive piece!

    BunnyFaceWolf 5 Sep 2016

    thank you

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