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Jackal Strider

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-09-04


I’m thinking this mech I drew should be called a Jackal Strider. 
It has 4 arms, one of which is an arm cannon. It had been a bit since I drew extra armed bots.
It of course has leg and back thrusters to fly.

Challenge: Hill's Beverly Creative VS Justinnator4


  • lewman 7 Sep 2016

    Cool design, i don't see multi limb robots that often. I like the coloring and highlights, i would also love to see you draw this machine some more, perhaps in some flashy dynamic poses haha.

    Justinnator4 9 Sep 2016

    Thanks. Maybe this could be a mech design I draw more then once, like my star suit mech.

  • The Answer 4 Sep 2016

    Looks good man, some jackass rated this one star unfortunately.

  • Anonymous 4 Sep 2016


    Justinnator4 4 Sep 2016

    Thank you

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