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My Jacket

Type: painting Uploaded: 2016-08-02


Painting that I did on my leather jacket a long time ago of my favorite band at the time.

Challenge: Justinnator4 VS LadyoftheApocalypse


  • hubert perron 3 Oct 2016

    excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LadyoftheApocalypse 3 Oct 2016

    Thank you very much!

  • LittleTitanSlayer 12 Jan 2018


    LadyoftheApocalypse 18 Jan 2018

    It really is very nice and you have a great gallery. I'm looking forward to more of your art! Do you also have a Deviantart page? It would be nice to see your work there as well.

  • Anonymous 2 Aug 2016

    This is painting? So cool!

    LadyoftheApocalypse 3 Aug 2016

    Thank you! The flags were sewn on but I painted the album cover picture and the lettering.

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