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  • Sterling Jenkins Photography 30 Jul 2016

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing!

    0MidnightSpider0 31 Jul 2016

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous 18 Mar 2017

    ;P very nice!!. ^^

  • LittleTitanSlayer 29 Jul 2016

    Pretty good job! However, you could use some work on the anatomy of the woman. Her bottom is uneven, also a little awkward. Her back is fairly well done, but it could use some improvement. Work on your shading and use photo references. Another thing, keep your wrist loose when you draw and make your marks soft and free so the graphite glides softly on the paper. This will give the body more of a soft and a lively feel. Last, but not least, try sketching out the body in a red or blue sketch pencil(make sure it's erasable!). When you put the graphite over the red/blue, it will come out in a much more solid colour.

    0MidnightSpider0 30 Jul 2016

    Thank you, this helps alot. I know her bottom is quiet awkward I noticed this after I published the image so I probably will alter it. And in the future I will use blue/red sketch pencil. :)

  • Anonymous 29 Jul 2016

    continu ^^

    0MidnightSpider0 30 Jul 2016

    I will, thank you.

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