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Croatian Manuscript-Castles of Croatia

Type: painting Uploaded: 2016-07-05


A new manuscript artwork for Croatian Rich Art with some artistic-style made tower and citadel to represent the Castles of Croatia,both in art and glagolic alphabet. >(in similarity as Bavaria Castles)


I Rally like the Colors. Especially how you made he Colors fade from orange to White to blue. Aditionally I think you did it really good with the symetries. I know how hard it is so make every Tower look the same and you amanged to do that really good. The circle (the golden one at the button) I not really round, The realistic Background is also verry nice. I think you could have made the green ropes wih more dark lines. So the come out a Little bit more ((sorry my english isn't that great) But all in all I like it ^^ Keep up you work


  • Anonymous 5 Jul 2016

    Nice castle !

    VedR1109 5 Jul 2016

    Thank you very much.It was a joy to color it with such a fine colors.XD

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