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Santa Sonia

Type: painting Uploaded: 2016-06-16


one year old watercolour painting x3 one of my first attempts :)

Challenge: SML VS Artist Rajesh Arjoon


  • Hate Dechemvar 17 Jun 2016

    Wow, did you painted this thing on pen...? as I am not good at painting on handdrwaing well, so Im vrry impressed by well painted hand work!

    SML 23 Jun 2016

    x333 it was inked and then painted over with watercolours, trust me my handwriting is also bad XD and inking is so hard! thank you for your lovely words :3

  • Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 16 Jun 2016

    ^^ c'est beau

    SML 23 Jun 2016

    i dont speach french x3

  • Anonymous 16 Jun 2016

    Looks very awesome, wonderful shading and colors

    SML 23 Jun 2016

    thanks a lot ^^

  • Anonymous 16 Jun 2016

    Nice art work

    SML 23 Jun 2016

    thank you

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