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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-06-16


A little put together of Thor and Loki....great films...

Challenge: marosar VS pencil recreations


  • hubert perron 16 Jun 2016

    superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pencil recreations 21 Jun 2016

    As always Hubert your comment is valued and most welcome...

  • SML 16 Jun 2016

    i love your shading and realism so ultimately much! though i think it could look better if you used a softer pencil to get more toning variety :)

    pencil recreations 21 Jun 2016

    Will make a note of your softer suggestion SML my friend ..Realism is something that I am trying really hard to get..Thank you so much for your comment ... ...

  • Rodaina 20 Oct 2016

    This is very nice sketch..but the characters are quite different from the actors in Thor movie..I gave you 4 stars because i liked the light and using the pencils

    pencil recreations 2 Nov 2016

    Thanks for that I was not competely happy with the Thor likeness but got it right with the Loki ..Tom Hiddleston is my fav actor I will redraw Chris and Tom again this was one of my first drawing of the too and as you said the lighting and shading we not to bad...It was an of the cuff drawing ...we will talk again hopefully Nev...

  • marosar 21 Jun 2016

    i love it ^^

    pencil recreations 21 Jun 2016

    Thanks Marosar, I always wanted to draw these two and the opportunity came ...Must draw a Thor portrait as you did in your so well done portrait...

  • Anonymous 16 Jun 2016


    pencil recreations 21 Jun 2016

    Thanks Anon ...they were fun to draw,,,,,

  • Anonymous 16 Jun 2016

    vary nice i like the value

    pencil recreations 21 Jun 2016

    Thanks Anon..

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