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Fox shark Kiori

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-06-11


The traditional line art came to me in the mail from Check her art out for more like this. I digitally colored it and made a new OC. I may still traditionally color it black and yellow if no one comes up with a better color scheme suggestion. Kiori is the 3rd shark fox I've made. The earlier two are Shesui the green one and a pink and red one who's name and owner I've forgotten. Lol.


  • SML 16 Jun 2016

    nice lineart and pose, your style is so cute!

    Justinnator4 16 Jun 2016

    Thanks. The line art was from a friend in the link who drew one of my designs and wanted me to color it.

  • Anonymous 11 Jun 2016

    i have no idea what this is but ok . nice art

    Justinnator4 12 Jun 2016

    Anthro/furry art is of animal people like Micky Mouse. Thanks for calling it nice.

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